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Whitestone Life Center

Project Type: Transitional Housing

Date: 2017 Spring​​

Client: Whitestone Life Center

Site: North Providence, RI.​


Professor: Elizabeth Debs

Objective: design a solution that can be implemented into different rooms of Whitestone Life Center - an addiction recovery center in Providence, RI. Existing problems include hygiene issues, lack of storage options, lack of order, and difficulty in obtaining privacy in the double bedrooms. 

Approach: Use a modular system to allow for personalization as a method for the residents to customize their living environment.

Result: A set of flexible furniture using personalization as a healing method.


Some residents move-in with a luggage, while some might move-in with nothing but their outfit. Therefore I was inspired to design a flexible storage unit composed of pre-installed panels on the wall along with hardware pieces for the residents to choose and hang onto the panels according to their lifestyle. If the resident moved in with no belongings, the panels on the walls would serve as a neutral decoration in the room, instead of shelves that speak of emptiness.

The aspect of personalization became the focus of this project. As these residents move into a new place, they are at a stage of life where they do not have as much control over their lives as they would want to. Therefore, by giving them full control of their surroundings, this would hopefully be able to aid them in the process of regaining control over other aspects of life. 

Existing Conditions
Design Solution
The Set

Panels + hardware + closet + bed

The panels on the bed and closet tie the design together with a unified language.

The 2.5 feet wide door on the closet makes it possible to have a decent amount of privacy while changing in a double bedroom.

Hardware Model

Handmade with plywood and aluminum.


Residents can customize hardware pieces according to their lifestyle.

A construction worker can install more hooks for coats and towel racks for towels. 


A journalist can install more shelves for books and boards for writing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.20.21
white stone double bedroom [Converted].p
Room Model
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