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Project Type: Reflection Center

Date: 2017 Fall​​​​

Site: Providence, RI.​


Professor: Janet Stegman

Objective: As part of the RISD campus master plan, the market house building that is located at the center of the campus was proposed to be turned into a campus reflection center. 

Approach: For this campus reflection center, the focus is on the process of arriving at the “meditating state” rather than the destination of this route. The goal is to emphasize the aspect of journey - the path to reflection, the process over the end goal. Reflection is not about reaching a destination, it is about the transformation.

Result: A non-denominational campus reflection center focusing on a mysterious journey of discoveries and pausing moments for reflections.

Site Intervention

Market house is a campus building for classrooms and offices. Sitting next to a busy intersection, its surrounding environment is chaotic and busy.


A subtle intervention was created in the existing garden right beside market house, guiding people into the entrance on the side facade, creating a more hidden entrance to suit the program of a reflection center.


To further isolate the reflection center from the busy campus environment, a moat was created around the building, opening up the basement level while introducing water into the building from the Providence River.

Site section showing the river water entering the building's moat.

Interior Intervention
Floor plan
rp section model.jpg
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