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Interior perspective.png


Project Type: Installation

Date: 2018 Spring​​​​

Partner: Liqiong Huo (RISD 19')


Professor: Jongwan Kwon, Luisel Zayas-San Miguel​

Objective: given an operation method (stacking) and a geometry (catenary cone), the goal is to design an installation that explores the interior experience for the intended users.

Approach: Inspired by the panopticon, we decided to create an installation that mimics the experience of being imprisoned in the panopticon.

Result: An inhabitable installation that aims to mimic the psychological effect of being constantly observed without having actual observers on the outside.


Vision Cone effect: the inhabitant sees less than the people outside, invoking insecurity and claustrophobia.

Vision Cone sketches

Vision Cone Sketches.png

For the stacking modules, we initially started out with all identical modules, which did not work out. We went through several iterations in order to find a module that works, as well as a material that fits our purpose.

The most successful module was made in concrete, which creates an interesting visual and acoustical experience when people poke their heads into the half-opened test model.

Concrete Iteration.png
Inhabitable Experience
Inhabitable Experience.png
Inhabitable Experience
Inhabitable Experience.png
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